Top 3 Paint Party Essentials for At Home

Top 3 Paint Party Essentials for At Home

Hey guys and Happy New Year!

Trying to find out what painting supplies you need can be overwhelming, especially when you walk into a Michael’s or shopping around on Amazon. We’ve had a lot of people asking us what supplies to purchase, so we have compiled a list of paint party essentials that you can purchase right off of Amazon or choose one of our Po’ & Paint Essential at home Kits that come with everything you need if you don’t want to spend money for too many items.

From Amazon(Click the images to purchase)

1. Painting Surface - 11”x14” Canvas 8 Pack

2. Paint (This set of paint comes with 10 brushes!)

3. Paint Brushes

Optional, but Recommended


• Table Easel


• Apron

• Paint Palette


Or Choose From Our At Home Paint Kit Essentials that have everything you need:

Paint Kit Essentials - Get Now!


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