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Hat Lady Paint Kit

Hat Lady Paint Kit

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Enjoy an evening relaxing with this pre handmade paint kit.

Please choose the paint kit option if you want the supplies and materials that come with it.

Each KIT includes:

• One (1) Pre-sketched canvas
• Paint (6 non-toxic acrylic paints in paint pots)
• Set of brushes (3 brushes in each kit; colors may vary from the picture)
• One (1) Disposable Apron
• One (1)Paint palette for mixing paint
• One (1) Cardboard table easel 


You can choose to get the Pre hand drawn Canvas ONLY.
The pre drawn canvases are sketched with a sharpie marker.
The canvases are not painted. They arrive pre drawn for you to paint.
More designs can be found in our gallery.

Items not included with paint kits:

• Cups with water for cleaning brushes (recommended)
• Paper Towels for cleaning and drying brushes (recommended)
• Plastic table covering to protect surface area of where you will be painting (optional, but recommended)

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